Storing Your Christmas Presents

Chances are every year you plan to be organised for Christmas, have shopping done nice and early, wrapped and gift tagged, leaving you relaxed and able to enjoy the festive season without any last minute stress.

Inevitably, December draws ever closer and you realize that you can’t remember where you put the things bought in October, you’ve left the wrapping until Christmas Eve AGAIN and the kids piles are different in both size and quantity.

Here are 3 reasons why you should be using ShedSpace to store your Christmas presents:

  1. It keeps presents away from prying eyes. Whatever age the recipient, there are few who can resist a treasure hunt, remove temptation by keeping gifts out of the way completely. No more trying to hide a brand new bike under the bed, or inventing new ways to keep everyone out of the garage.  There is also the added bonus of no-one accidentally spying Father Christmas’ special wrapping paper.
  2. Space to organize. If you want to be really organised, you can completely contain Christmas within four walls. You won’t have to wait until everyone is asleep to do some midnight wrapping, rushing around trying to hide any evidence,  you can also keep a visible tally of who’s got what.  Your spare room may be useful storage for you throughout the year, but this is the time you’ll need room for guests, and you’re going to need somewhere to put all the stuff you’ve shoved in the spare room, never mind where you’re going to put the tree and decoration once Christmas is all over. Renting storage away from your home is a convenient way to make room for everyone.
  3. Declutter and stock up. Christmas food shopping also starts early, especially if you’re having guests over the holidays. Store away the extra wine, beer, biscuits, and the massive tin of chocolates. Stop people eating everything by the beginning of December.

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