Reasons For Needing Extra Storage

Have you even found yourself in a situation where you suddenly need more space?
It happens to most of us at some point in our lives.

Here are some of the most common reasons for needing extra storage space at home:

Selling a house

Ask any Estate Agent and they will tell you that creating a great first impression is the key to selling a house. You want to be able to show potential buyers that your house is a functional space and comfortable to live in.  Cluttered hallways, overflowing surfaces and a kid’s room that looks like a toy bomb has gone off can be off putting to buyers. Clearing away the clutter and creating a feeling of space by storing away mess and bulky items which will open up a room, can make all the difference to how you house looks when selling.

Life changes

Marriage, divorce, bereavement, and birth are all life changes which can lead people into needing extra storage space, often last minute. Whether these changes leave you downsizing, reclaiming space or needing to find a temporary home for household contents paying to store some of your belongings is often the answer.

Winter Storage

Every summer we find ourselves looking for somewhere to store our winter clothes. Those thick woolly jumpers, boots, ski gear etc require a lot of space which you could be utilizing better. So why not try storing these items away for 6 months of the year through ShedSpace, you can put them next to the Christmas decorations.

No More Space At Home

A common reason for needing extra storage space is simply because you have run out of space at home. Average house sizes in the UK are getting smaller and this combined with the expense of moving into a bigger home, means that many people are paying for additional storage space. It is much cheaper to do this than to move house. So, if you are feeling a bit cramped at home, why not consider storing some items through companies such as ShedSpace and free up space in your home.

The Builders are in

Building works to your house such as building an extension or major refurbishment can often leave your house in a state of turmoil and disorder. Added to that, there is the inconvenience of excessive dust and mess caused through building works. Packing away non-essential items whilst works are being done and storing them away from home means they are less likely to get damaged and keep the rest of your house free from clutter whilst work is taking place.

Moving Home

One of the most common reasons for needing extra storage, is moving home. Many people are often forced to move out of their current home before securing a purchase in order to keep their buyer. Storing your contents when finding yourself temporarily between homes makes it easier to find temporary accommodation. Once you do move into your new home, it often be really useful to have some off-site storage whilst you get organised.


Sports and hobbies equipment can often take up valuable space at home. Whether you are a collector, have a passion for cycling or surfing, you don’t want to clutter your living room with these items. With many people living in flats with no loft or outside space it is almost impossible to store away these items. You shouldn’t have to give up a hobby you love, just because your home doesn’t have the storage space for it. Using sites like ShedSpace, you can store your paddle board with a Host who lives minutes from the beach.

Working from Home

Trying to run a business from home, especially if that involves storing stock can quickly eat up any spare space you may have had in your home. A growing trend has seen small businesses pay for additional storage, both as a place to work, and as a space to store stock and goods away from home. Especially when you can find a Host in the same neighbourhood to store the stock.


Storage for university students is another area to have seen growth in recent years. Students who are at going to university 100’s of miles from their homes are facing an issue of what to do with their belongings over the summer break, most of which have the hassle of dragging it all back home and then back for the new terms. Having a space to store their belongings for a short term, close to university will make life so much easier for both the students and the parents.

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