Halloween Storage Ideas

It’s that time of year where the witches and vampires, goblins and ghosts take to the streets for trick or treating.
Homes are decorated with pumpkin covered bunting, blood stained sheets are draped from the ceiling and buckets of sweets are found in every corner.


Halloween is the seasonal event that can’t be ignored as the festivities are everywhere, from your local grocery store to the high street retail shops. In 2017 around £300 million was spent over Halloween on sweets, fancy dress outfits, pumpkins etc, the guardian has recently stated that the UK is expected to bin 8 million pumpkins after Halloween.

So to keep in the spirit of this spooky season we’ve come up with 3 helpful waste and storage tips:

  1. Use Halloween storage boxes to store away your decorations and costumes ready for the following year.
  2. Turn your vampire coffin prop into a storage unit, by using the coffin to hold all your Halloween themed items.
  3. Make use of your pumpkin and it’s innards, the amount of pumpkins that will be wasted this year is could make enough pumpkin pie to feed the entire nation, research has found.
    Along with this, once Halloween has been and gone don’t throw away your pumpkins, put them out for the wildlife to nibble on. Squirrels especially love raw pumpkin.

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