5 Simple Tips for Moving Home

Moving home can be a mammoth and overwhelming task. So we’ve put together 5 simple steps to help you towards a stress free move:

1. Start Early – Start packing up your belongings as early as you can. Leaving it all to the last minute is a recipe for disaster.

2. Lists – Lists should become your best friend. Make lists for everything, what to pack, bills to change, set up etc

3. Labels – Label every box, be specific to what’s in that box and where it needs to go, having 10 boxes that say kitchen won’t help you when it comes to unpacking.

4. First Night Box – Pack up a first night in your new home essentials; change of clothes, chargers, a set of cutlery, toiletries. Maybe even throw in a bottle of bubbly.

5. Purge – Go through everything! Make yourself 3 piles; things to sell, things to bin and things to store away through ShedSpace.
Getting rid of your extra weight now is going to make your move a lot easier.