4 Ways To Save Money On Your Bills

This week is the Big Energy Saving Week – a national campaign to help UK households cut our energy use & spend.

So we’ve put together a few helpful tips to help you save money on your utility bills:

1- Electrics: Turn things off by the plug – it will save more energy than at the switch or with a remote control.

2- Heating: Every degree above 20°C can add 10% to your heating bill and in winter, heating can account for over 30% of your bill. The optimal temperature for your thermostat in the winter is 18-20°C.

3- Lighting: When you leave a room, turn the light off. Too many of us leave the lights on in room that aren’t being used, which is a complete waste of your money. Of an evening, go old school and light some candles in your bedroom, bathroom and living room.

4- Long Term: Consider switching to solar energy or any type or renewable energy type – with low maintenance costs, and lower electricity bills.

Head on over to the Citizens Advice website to find out more.

If you have anymore tips for us, let us know in the comments.