3 Reasons why ShedSpace can help you this Christmas

ShedSpace links people who have space to people who need space. Think of us as the airbnb of storage. By sharing storage space with your neighbour, you’ll be providing them with a cheaper alternative to the corporate storage unit facilities, and you will be earning an additional monthly income, simply by storing someones ‘stuff’. 

With Christmas just around the corner, this is the time of year when we all need a little extra money. We’ve put together 3 Christmas benefits of using ShedSpace:

  1.  Use the extra income to cover the cost of the Christmas food shop. The turkey, wines, mince pies etc add up more and more each year, don’t miss out on your favourite Christmas treats. 
  2.  You can purchase those gifts you’ve always wanted to buy for your loved ones. Always dreamed of surprising your spouse with a nice piece or jewelry, a city break, maybe even a puppy? Put the additional income toward something extra special this year.
  3.  Fancy a change of scenery this Christmas? Use your ShedSpace earnings to book up a trip and get away over the festive period. Whether that’s a cosy cabin a mere few hours from home, or jetting off somewhere sunny and spending Christmas day laid on a beach.

Let us know in the comments what you would spend the extra money on this Christmas.